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    Aquaholic Gifts was founded to provide corporate gift ideas for national and regional markets. We strive to exceed customer requirements with high-quality design, excellent craftsmanship, efficient service, and prompt delivery of our products. With the founder's extensive experience and an established network from home and abroad As a supplier of promotional gifts abroad, we are able to search for unique and innovative designs for our customers. Our sales team is more than ready to meet the needs of our customers with the utmost attention. From the inquiry to the delivery of our products, it will strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Whether you are a small growing company or a large multinational, we have a wide range of business gift ideas that are suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Varsity jackets are famous worn products for sports teams or school uniforms. The design of this outerwear is often an elastic band at the NECK, waist and cuffs. There are three methods of customizing college jackets, which are embroidery, screen printing, and thermal transfer printing.


    Purchase customized varsity jackets in Singapore at affordable prices

    Do you want custom-made varsity jackets at affordable prices in Singapore? Well! You are in the right place! We offer the best quality custom college jackets in Singapore. They are excellent jackets for people of all ages. Our custom-made and comfortable college jackets have always been a focus for sports teams, corporate organizations, universities and clubs. Usually they receive their personalized university jackets to identify their teams on trips and outdoor tours and to keep them cozy and warm in the office or classroom.

    At Aquaholic Gifts, you can select from various product models of our ready-made stock of varsity jackets in Singapore. Then we will be capable of delivering you customized varsity jackets with different printing methods.



    Does the quality of all varsity jacket the same?



    Let’s talk about material first! The material used for the manufacture of varsity jackets is Fleece material. They can be made of either polyester or cotton or sometimes even a mixture of both of these.

    The second thing is the thickness of jackets! These jackets come up with different thicknesses. Some of them have very lightweight and are thin are suitable for everyday use. At the same time, some are studier and thicker to warm you up.

    Let's talk about varsity jacket quality! Choosing an inferior college jacket can cause pilling. This means that if you are wearing a dark varsity jacket with a light-colored dress, your dress may have some pilling from the jacket.

    On the other hand, your shirt will have little or no pilling effect when wearing a high-quality college jacket. In short, all varsities are not created equal; they differ from one another in several ways.



    How much lead time does it take to customize varsity jackets?




    The delivery time depends on the chosen printing method. Below is the 3 week lead time for printing methods: For digital thermal transfer printing and screen printing methods, it will take almost five business days for your order to be completed after the artwork is approved for varsity jackets.


    For the embroidery printing process, after the artwork has been approved, it takes almost seven working days to complete the customization of the uni jackets.

    If you want to combine two of the printing processes, it will take approximately ten working days after the artwork has been approved. For example, you might want a screen print on the back of the jacket along with the embroidered logo on the left chest of your college jackets.

    If you urgently need printing in Singapore, contact us and we'll let you know the feasibility of your project.







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